Recycling Information

Bag and tie all recycling.
Loose recycling will not be picked up.Breakdown all boxes Please bag and tie the ones you can, and put larger boxes that will not fit in a bag beside your recycling.
Examples of Recyclable Items:Mixed Paper:
Books (remove hard covers)
Phone Books / Mail
Newspaper / Magazines
Shredded Paper (bagged separately)
White & Colored Paper

Corrugated Boxes
Cereal Boxes
Pizza Boxes
Any clean cardboard

Plastics #1 - #2
Detergent bottles
Drink bottles / Milk Jugs
No Bulky Plastics regardless of #

Aluminum Cans (Drink Cans)
Steel Food Cans (Rinse out all food residue)

Styrofoam #6
Cups / To-Go Containers
Must be clean, white, with minimal ink, and bagged separately

Please Do Not put these items in bin:

Food Waste
Ceramic Dishes or Glassware
Clothes Hangers
Light Bulbs
Paint Containers
Paper Towels / Napkins
Pots, pans, or scrap metal
DVDs, CDs, VHS, or Cassette Tapes
Water Hoses





Glass recycling is available at the Department of Sanitation, Conway!


Battery recycling is available at Lowe's of Conway! See the following link for more information about the importance of recycling batteries.